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Dragon I bought today!

24 Sep

I bought this cute little dragon at the dollar store today for 99 cents!

Also got my hair cut. I also bought a dog leash, even though I don’t have a dog at the dollar store..I’ll show you later what I’m doing with it! xD


How I store my DS & 3DS games..and other stuff.

18 Sep

I’ve been asked by friends both IRL and online just how I store my DS and 3DS games, since I have very little storage space in my room.

What I do is I take both the game cartridge and the manual out of the jewel case and store the empty jewel case in my storage locker (if I want to sell/give away the game in the future, that’s easily get-able). I store the game cartridges that I am currently not using in sportscard binder sheets in a binder, and the manuals in a large recipe file box.

All the items (the binder, the sportscard pages and the recipe file box) are very cheap at the $1 store. I think I spent maybe $7 to 10 in total. Not too bad, eh?

Anyway… that’s basically how I do it. *shrug*  Plus it’s really useful, since I can just grab the binder and go if I’m going to be staying somewhere longer than 3 days.. 😀

Now, I just need to find the time to do a purse meme, a 111-question meme, several gift arts and several fan arts…in among my usual day to day life. OTL

Hi Everyone~~~

6 Sep

This blog will probably be used to put stuff up that I don’t want to put on my deviantart account:

Anyway, if you already follow me on DeviantArt, Twitter, as well as various places here and there, I’m sure you know me pretty well..hopefully. xD

Let’s go~~ and have a little fun! ;D