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Kitty is…

20 Oct

…sick again. I’ve got a bad cold/’s a sinus cold, so I’m not a happy kitty. I’m basically living off cold tea, Halls cough candy and my mom’s chicken soup.

I’m now at my mom’s place…this kitty needs her mom when she’s sick (it’s no fun being sick when you live alone!). What does this mean for you guys?

Not a whole lot~ just that I won’t be online as much~ perhaps not much on dA, SJ, chatchan & pchan. I’ll have my blackberry with me, so I can and will respond to twitters….

...that's me at the moment!

*crawls into bed* See you later everyone~


Wow…Salvation Army Thrift store is awesome..

16 Oct

Today, I had to go to work at a branch that was new to me (and to everyone else too, since it recently opened!)..I left early since I’d heard that there might be a protest downtown (the whole wall street mess) that might impede transit. Anyway, I was so early, I decided to explore the neighbourhood a bit, and I found a Salvation Army Thrift store…and man, was it ever awesome! *v*

This is the reason why:

Vampaia Miyu Figurines~

There was a whole collection of figurines..I’m betting the mother of some okatu cleaned out his/her room~ and gave them to the Salvation Army~ poor Okatu if that’s so~  anyway, I picked out two figurines from Vampaia Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu), Miyu Yamano and Chisato Inoue. If you haven’t seen the anime, I recommend it~ it’s well worth a look~ xD

I’m thinking of maybe going back there on Wednesday (my next day off) to see if I can get some of the others as I didn’t have much money on me today to get more than two.

Here are some close up pics of the two figurines~

Chisato Inoue from Vanpaia Miyu~

Miyu Yamano from Vampaia Miyu~

Too awesome, eh? *purrs happilly*

Now to go back to my do-to-list…cleaning my kitchen and working on the DREAM Manga Group Facebook Page. See you around if Ki does not kill me….

Up WAY too late last night…whatwasIthinking?!

4 Oct

I was up way TOO late last night~ I got caught up in playing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box..I managed to find ALL of the puzzles, serve 26 people tea, slim down the hamster (Ki), and in doing so, I unlocked the bonus puzzles…and solved them all…all that’s left now is the bonus puzzles that you obtain online via Nintendo download. *I am a crazy kitty*

Because of this activity, I was up until 2AM. That’s right, TWO AM IN THE MORNING. And I work later today~ *shot by boss*…I’ve contacted a bunch of my work friends to see if anyone can cover for seriously NOT up to dealing with the stupid public today. I’m hoping someone will step up (I’ll cover a shift of theirs at a later, unspecified date). *fingers crossed*

Professor Layton wasn’t the only thing keeping me up last night~ I had to deal with a upgrade on my virus detecting just wouldn’t upgrade! OTL I managed to get that done, though.. YAY!

While waiting for the security upgrade, I couldn’t get on the internet, so I was bored…and since the upgrade allowed me to play with my comp a little bit~ I switched my background pic from this:

Previous background image~

to this:

my current desktop background~ with icons!

That’s an Arina Tanemura image from one of her older works: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne~ I got back into reading Arina Tanemura again, thanks to a recent Chatchan conversation about AT and her mangas..I have all of the tankobons, plus several artbooks.. *shot*

I’ve also been watching a lot of My Little Pony lately, thanks to chats with online friends as well with IRL friends about MLP.. I got into it seriously recently, since I’ve been sick, so I dug out all the old VHS cartoon tapes I had~ and several of them were MLP. I’m thinking of maybe looking around to see if I can get some used DVDs of MLP~ I’ll see though..

Work’s coming up…Gotta get ready to go if someone doesn’t step up to take over for this stupid cat… later.