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Anne McCaffrey and other random stuff…

22 Nov
  • I’m really sad about the news that Pern writer, Anne McCaffrey passed away yesterday. She was 85, according to reports.

I remember when I first discovered the Pern series…so very long ago. I still have the first book I bought too. My mom still shudders whenever she remembers that day. LOL

It was in 1988 – that year, I was 14, and it was a family trip down to Portland, Oregon. (At that time, our family used to travel down to Orgeon every summer to see family friends and explore the seacoast) Then as now, my family was/is in the habit of dropping me off at used bookstores while they go exploring elsewhere in town (I hate clothes shopping and still do). So that trip, I was dropped off at this used bookstore in Eugene, Oregon (my Dad’s old University town too!). It was (and still is) the Smith Family Bookstore.

Anyway, that day, I found what I wanted to read, then paid for them, but I realised I still had some time to kill before my family came back to pick me up, so I start chatting with the guy at the cash register. He suggested that I try these books by Anne McCaffrey and got them for me.. they were ‘DragonSong’ and ‘DragonSinger’, and they were among the first Pern books that Anne McCaffrey had written. Since I had enjoyed chatting with the guy and decided that he might have suggested a good read, so I bought both of them. (Prior to then, I had never heard of Anne McCaffrey or Pern)

When my family came back, my mom freaked out when she saw me talking to the bookstore guy. I didn’t understand why she’d freaked out until years later when we went back to Eugene again on another family trip (the last one for all 4 of us before my brother and I left for our respective universities). I went back there again (I was 17 then) to buy even more books *shot*, and met the guy again. I realised that he was a hippie, and wasn’t exactly the clean-cut type that my parents favored; so I was like, oh is that it? >_>; It was also probably the fact that this much older guy (in his 20’s) was talking/flirting with a young girl of 14! oh well…

Anyway, I read the two books and just loved them, so since the time I was 14, I had been hunting down all of her books plus stalking the new book stores hoping that a new volume of one of her series had been published. Now, I’m sure this pleasure will not occur again, unless her son, Todd McCaffrey carries on her Pern books (although I’m not too excited about the direction they’re going in).

I will miss you, Anne McCaffrey. Your books will remain on my bookshelf and will be re-read often; and I will miss looking forward to seeing your new book in print.

In other news:

I’ve been sick again. Nothing too dramatic, just a sinus cold. But that’s why I’ve been kinda off-line lately.

Last week, my mom, my aunt and I went down to Bellingham, WA for a short one night trip. We went to hang out, shop, eat and talk (and talk and talk). The three of us get along really well, and since I live alone, it’s a real treat to see my mother and my aunt for that length of time. I also finished my Christmas shopping in that trip, since I had started it in August. *shot* There’s only one thing I have yet to buy~ and that is a present for the family dog. Since it’s food, I figure it’d be best if I get it closer to Christmas!

Hmm..Let’s see..I haven’t really been up to much due to being sick, but I did read some manga online, as well as getting some from the library (via their booktruck). I’m not up to remembering which books (lazy right now), but I did enjoy them.

Finishing the pokedex for Black and White has been taking up some time as well. I just need to catch four more pokemon and/or evolve in order to finish the pokedex. Oh that reminds me, I have to go back to the Dreamyard to poke around the basement to catch the evolved form of Munna… Musharna. I’ll do that tomorrow.

I’ve also been playing through Professor Layton: The Last Specter. I’m really enjoying it. The puzzles are really good this time around. I think I’ll get the next Professor Layton game (the one for the 3DS) when it comes out. Also I want to get a copy of the movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva…I’ve got to order that one from Amazon, but I’ve been too lazy to actually do it. >_>;

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, I’ve been spending some time on the DREAM chat, getting to know the other DREAMers. That’s been fun, but I haven’t visited for awhile due to being sick..I tend to go underground when I’m sick. >_>;

Speaking of being sick, I’ve been struggling with a constant headache since early September, and I’ve tried all kinds of stuff. It’s just there, constant pain, although it will flare up to a massive migraine every once inawhile. With the sinus cold I’ve got right now, it’s really painful and totally annoying. It gets to the point I can’t tolerate bright light (the computer screen – I’ve got it at the lowest level of brightness right now) for too long or it really hurts. So extremely annoying. It also hurts when I have to cook or something because of the light in the fridge, the light above the cookstove (wears sunglasses indoors) yeah, not a happy kitty with this pain.

I’m hoping to see my doctor (again) tomorrow to discuss the cold, the headache and get a referral to my eye doctor (I wear glasses, and I have to see my eye doctor once a year to make sure I’m not losing more sight..which is a nightmare of mine, being Deaf and all.. ._. ). *sighs*

Books! I’ve been reading the Inheritance series again from the beginning, since I’d forgotten most of the story, and it’s a good one. It’s by Christopher Paolini. I’d recommend you read it if you haven’t already~ a really good read.

That’s all I can think of right now…


Cookie for Selena-chan!

17 Nov

Since I’m on holidays this week, I decided to do a craft~ since it’s been awhile since I last sewed SOMETHING! XD And my friend, Selena-chan wanted this: and since I’ve been owing her a gift for like forever, I decided to try making one~

Last week, I went out to Metrotown (this huge-ass mall that’s about a hour away by transit from my home~ it’s basically two malls in one), to go to the anime shop there, as well as begin on Christmas shopping..while I was there, I decided I might as well buy the felt (I had only the black) at the Dollar store. Now, Metrotown has TWO Dollar stores on the premises..and guess what? Neither carried felt. So extremely annoying. So that day I ended up going back home to my (smaller) mall, Park Royal (which is like 15 minutes walk from my place!), which has just one Dollar store, and they did have the felt I wanted.. *strangles the Dollar Store owners at Metrotown* lol

Anyway: With that completed, I collected all the supplies I needed:


They are: 5 colours of felt, four colours of thread, scissors, needles, needle threader (I can’t even see the eye of the needle anymore! D: ), coins and 2 plates to use to measure out the circles needed,  basting ‘glue’ (I don’t bother basting with thread anymore..basting with the ‘glue’ is easier) and a chalk pencil to trace out the circles to be cut out of the fabric.

This took me most of the day today. (Started at 11AM and finished at 3:ish PM!).. and the result is as those in the following photos:

The front of the cookie! 😀

(I’m not too keen about one of the blush circles…it’s a little too far over…oh well.)

Back of the cookie! 😀

It was fun to do~ and fairly easy as well…I looked around KawaiiChiOO’s YouTube uploads, and I saw a few other projects I’d like to try my hand at sometime~ We’ll see. XD

Now I’m gonna go proofread some stuff for a friend~ So then I’ll just leave you with this image from my lovely friend, Selena-chan:

Gift I recieved from Selena-chan! *v*