Dream Manga Office Christmas Special ~ Part One

16 Jan

I’m uploading my script from which Selena-chan has been working from while doing the awesome artwork for the Dream Manga Office Christmas Special!

Hope you enjoy reading this~!

DREAM Manga Office Christmas 2011

In the festively decorated office, four women are standing in a group, whispering to each other quickly and quietly, for they did not want the other two in the office to overhear their plans. The four are dressed in festive clothing. Maika, tall and slim in a fashionable dress, a perky red bow in her hair, leans towards the other three. Catz, shorter and dark in a floor-length black dress, with her usual cat ears perched on her head, is looking at Selena, who is gesturing quickly, eyes shining, casually dressed in jeans and a short-sleeved top, with a scarf around her neck. The fourth woman, dressed in sober blue, Oonie, is smiling slightly, her eyes darting back and forth between the other women.

Maika speaks quietly, “So we have the outfits, right? From Muffin?” At Catz’s nod, “Perfect! You know what to do, right?” The other three nod quickly and look over towards the kitchen entrance.

Just as they look, two men emerge from the kitchen, each bearing a large platter of food. In the lead, Ki nods towards the women, “The office looks wonderful girls. You did a great job! I wonder when the others will begin to come?”

Sol follows a step or two behind Ki adds, “Hope it’s soon, I’m hungry.”

So involved are the two men in carefully bearing their burdens towards the red draped table, they miss the gleam in each woman’s eyes as they watch the two of them. Maika looks quickly around the others and nods, “Now!”

Moving quickly, the four pounce on a oblivious Ki and wrestle him into the outfit obtained from Muffin. Ki is surprised and begins to struggle, trying to avoid the determined women. He squeaks in astonishment, “What are you doing!?”

Sol, hearing Ki‘s squeak, turns towards the struggling group, and his eyes widen and begins to move backwards, looking frantically around the office for possible hiding places, for he quickly realises that he couldn’t escape through the office entry for the group is blocking the way.

With evil grins, the four women step back and regard Ki with pleasure. Selena quickly slips away, bearing Ki’s clothing, to ensure that Ki would not be able to find and re-dress in his customary outfit.

To be continued

I hope you enjoyed reading this~ do comment if you like it so far~ *pleading eyes*



One Response to “Dream Manga Office Christmas Special ~ Part One”

  1. selenaloong January 16, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    The script always wonderful to read it!XDDDD

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