Advent Calendar!

1 Dec

I haven’t used an Advent Calendar for YEARS~ since the time I outgrew the chocolate ones in my teens. (I treasure the memory of those chocolate advent calendars though, as my Great Aunt Pat used to buy them for all her nieces and nephews.) For those who aren’t sure what advent calendars are, they’re basically a day-to-day countdown from December 1 to Christmas Eve (December 24) when Santa will come on his journey around the world… 😀

However, last month (November) I was checking out the tea selection at Whole Foods as I LOVE teas, and am always trying out new flavours and brands. What caught my eye though was this:

today 138

I was so in awe when I saw it, I just HAD to get it! Basically it’s a box of 24 teabags, each is a different flavour! *v*

So I’m planning to blog a bit every day with a pic of the new teabag and my take on the flavour.

As today is December 1, today’s flavour is:

today 140

“Hello Sunshine” On the bag it says it is a herbal fruit tea blend.

As I’m currently drinking it right now, it seeps into a nice ruby colour, and tastes like lemon and some kind of berry. I rather like it as I’m fond of cirtus fruit and berry flavours. I doubt if I would buy this one, though, as I have other sources that I prefer the lemon/berry blend from.

I wish I could read the wording on the back of the bag, but the advent calendar and all teas seem to come from Sweden, and I don’t read that language. :/

If you’re interested to count down with me, the tea collection Advent Calendar is available at Whole Foods Canada. I don’t know if it is available at Whole Foods US – if it is, let me know, and I’ll post a note about it on a later blog entry.

Tomorrow: December 2’s tea will be “Cheery” (and I promise I will also upload the pictures of the SAO figurine assembly and display I’ve been promising for the last little while! – my camera needed a new battery, and I had to save up the cash for that… $58 dollars for that battery… OTL )

Happy sipping~


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