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Dream Manga Office Christmas Special ~ Part One

16 Jan

I’m uploading my script from which Selena-chan has been working from while doing the awesome artwork for the Dream Manga Office Christmas Special!

Hope you enjoy reading this~!

DREAM Manga Office Christmas 2011

In the festively decorated office, four women are standing in a group, whispering to each other quickly and quietly, for they did not want the other two in the office to overhear their plans. The four are dressed in festive clothing. Maika, tall and slim in a fashionable dress, a perky red bow in her hair, leans towards the other three. Catz, shorter and dark in a floor-length black dress, with her usual cat ears perched on her head, is looking at Selena, who is gesturing quickly, eyes shining, casually dressed in jeans and a short-sleeved top, with a scarf around her neck. The fourth woman, dressed in sober blue, Oonie, is smiling slightly, her eyes darting back and forth between the other women.

Maika speaks quietly, “So we have the outfits, right? From Muffin?” At Catz’s nod, “Perfect! You know what to do, right?” The other three nod quickly and look over towards the kitchen entrance.

Just as they look, two men emerge from the kitchen, each bearing a large platter of food. In the lead, Ki nods towards the women, “The office looks wonderful girls. You did a great job! I wonder when the others will begin to come?”

Sol follows a step or two behind Ki adds, “Hope it’s soon, I’m hungry.”

So involved are the two men in carefully bearing their burdens towards the red draped table, they miss the gleam in each woman’s eyes as they watch the two of them. Maika looks quickly around the others and nods, “Now!”

Moving quickly, the four pounce on a oblivious Ki and wrestle him into the outfit obtained from Muffin. Ki is surprised and begins to struggle, trying to avoid the determined women. He squeaks in astonishment, “What are you doing!?”

Sol, hearing Ki‘s squeak, turns towards the struggling group, and his eyes widen and begins to move backwards, looking frantically around the office for possible hiding places, for he quickly realises that he couldn’t escape through the office entry for the group is blocking the way.

With evil grins, the four women step back and regard Ki with pleasure. Selena quickly slips away, bearing Ki’s clothing, to ensure that Ki would not be able to find and re-dress in his customary outfit.

To be continued

I hope you enjoyed reading this~ do comment if you like it so far~ *pleading eyes*



Dream Manga Office

7 Jan

I decided to upload my writing onto this blog of mine~ *blows off dust and cobwebs* Forgive me for not being around for so long~~ >_>;

This is a collab I’ve been doing for the last few months with Selenaloong, a friend of mine from DREAM, SmackJeeves and Deviantart. So much of the ideas and suggestions also belong to her~

DREAM Manga Office Chapter One (pages 1 & 2)

The morning looks into the window and sees three women at their desks. The three women are physically very different from one another; and yet, they each share two things in common~  one being that they all work and live for the office they are presently hard at work for~ DREAM Manga Office.

It is a large room, with several doors leading to private offices, a large boardroom and a fully equipped kitchen. On the walls are large framed posters of the covers from the various DREAM Manga releases, as well as a large wall map showing the countries, with flags marking the locations of the various DREAM staff and manga-kas. There are also five different desks, as well as several comfortable armchairs surrounding a kotatsu (which is very popular during the chilly winters).

At one desk, the woman is listening carefully to the messages left overnight on the answering service, writing notes about the various messages and decisively deleting the messages that have nothing to do with the task at hand. She sits tall and straight, her hair arranged in loose curls and tied back with a perky bow. She is dressed in a plain Lolita-style dress, which suits her elfin beauty.

At another desk, the occupant is shifting through the mail and packages that had arrived after the office had closed the previous day; sorting them into piles according to the person receiving the item; as well as to the importance of the item. She is dressed almost entirely in black, with a pair of cat ears that seem to meld into the darkness of her black hair.

The third woman is not at her desk, as she is just emerging from the kitchen with three cups and a teapot on a black tray. She briskly bears the tray over to the woman on the phone and places it on the desk beside the phone. “Maika”, she whispers, “Here’s the tea for you.” Maika, still on the phone, frowns slightly and nods in thanks.

The brisk woman, slight and slim in her favoured dress, then approaches the other woman, “Catz!”, she says warmly, “here’s your tea.” Catz doesn’t look up. The brisk woman places the tray on the edge of the desk, and with her free hand, hits herself on the forehead. “Idiot! I forgot she can’t hear me” she murmurs to herself. She then reaches out to touch the other woman on her black sleeved arm. Catz twitches in surprise and looks up, “Oh Selena-chan, what is it?”

Selena smiles briskly at Catz, “Here’s your tea” and then she places the teapot on the desk, and picks up her own tea and leans against the desk. “Anything interesting in the mail, Catz?”

Catz nods and sips the hot tea and replies, “Yeah, actually, here are two new submissions for the online magazine. I wonder what they’re like? One seems to be from India and the other is from the US.” Selena looks interestedly at the two manuscript packages that Catz holds up for her inspection, “Oh great! I don’t think we have a Dreamer from India yet. Hope it gets accepted for the magazine.”

Just then, Selena’s sharp ears hear a ticking sound. She looks around the office and calls, “Maika? Do you hear that weird sound? What is it?”

Maika having hung up the phone, declares, “Stupid idiots, why can’t they leave a nice, short, easy to understand message!?” Then she looks at Selena, “Sound? What sound? Be quiet so I can listen for whatever you think you heard.”

The two women fall silent in concentration, as Catz looks on in puzzlement, sipping her tea. Maika suddenly exclaims, “it’s on Catz’s desk!” and rushes over to the desk.

Selena and Maika then hover over Catz’s desk, listening carefully…and Selena then touches a particular package, “This is where that ticking sound is coming from! Do you think it’s a bomb, Maika?” Catz on seeing Selena say that, pushes away abruptly form her desk, and says, “Come on you two~ I don’t think it is, look at the return address! It’s from Kid! Kid wouldn’t do something that stupid, would he?”

The three women look at each other then away from each other. Maika breaks the silence, “I think he would do something stupid, but Catz’s right, he wouldn’t do a bomb. Wait a second, remember that conversation we had with him the last time he visited?”

The other two women frown, trying to remember what Maika meant. Shaking her head, Selena replies, “What conversation is that, Maika? Kid talks so much, I’m not sure which one you mean.”

Catz’s eyes then gleam in remembrance and says, “I remember it now! Didn’t Kid say we were a weird office for not having a wall clock up in here? Do you think this is a clock Kid got for us?”

Selena nods, finally remembering. And the three women then look at the package, and then at one another. With a sigh, “Who’s going to open that?” Maika asks, with a resigned expression. The other two women shake their heads in decided negative. They weren’t quite comfortable with the idea of opening a ticking package, even though it was from their free spirited friend, Kid.

Just as the tension in the office mounted, the door opened with a bang, and a slim, boyish looking man bounces into the office, “Morning girls! How are you all today?”

Looking quickly at her stunned co-workers, Maika smiles sweetly at the newcomer, “Sol! How pleasant to see you today.” Shifting her weight slightly, she hides her face from Sol and mouths to the others, “He can open it for us!”

To be continued…

If you want to follow the story, and admire Selena-chan’s beautiful art, do join us here at SmackJeeves :


Right now, we are currently uploading the DREAM Manga Office Christmas Special..I will upload my script of that once we are farther along in the story~


Anne McCaffrey and other random stuff…

22 Nov
  • I’m really sad about the news that Pern writer, Anne McCaffrey passed away yesterday. She was 85, according to reports.

I remember when I first discovered the Pern series…so very long ago. I still have the first book I bought too. My mom still shudders whenever she remembers that day. LOL

It was in 1988 – that year, I was 14, and it was a family trip down to Portland, Oregon. (At that time, our family used to travel down to Orgeon every summer to see family friends and explore the seacoast) Then as now, my family was/is in the habit of dropping me off at used bookstores while they go exploring elsewhere in town (I hate clothes shopping and still do). So that trip, I was dropped off at this used bookstore in Eugene, Oregon (my Dad’s old University town too!). It was (and still is) the Smith Family Bookstore.

Anyway, that day, I found what I wanted to read, then paid for them, but I realised I still had some time to kill before my family came back to pick me up, so I start chatting with the guy at the cash register. He suggested that I try these books by Anne McCaffrey and got them for me.. they were ‘DragonSong’ and ‘DragonSinger’, and they were among the first Pern books that Anne McCaffrey had written. Since I had enjoyed chatting with the guy and decided that he might have suggested a good read, so I bought both of them. (Prior to then, I had never heard of Anne McCaffrey or Pern)

When my family came back, my mom freaked out when she saw me talking to the bookstore guy. I didn’t understand why she’d freaked out until years later when we went back to Eugene again on another family trip (the last one for all 4 of us before my brother and I left for our respective universities). I went back there again (I was 17 then) to buy even more books *shot*, and met the guy again. I realised that he was a hippie, and wasn’t exactly the clean-cut type that my parents favored; so I was like, oh is that it? >_>; It was also probably the fact that this much older guy (in his 20’s) was talking/flirting with a young girl of 14! oh well…

Anyway, I read the two books and just loved them, so since the time I was 14, I had been hunting down all of her books plus stalking the new book stores hoping that a new volume of one of her series had been published. Now, I’m sure this pleasure will not occur again, unless her son, Todd McCaffrey carries on her Pern books (although I’m not too excited about the direction they’re going in).

I will miss you, Anne McCaffrey. Your books will remain on my bookshelf and will be re-read often; and I will miss looking forward to seeing your new book in print.

In other news:

I’ve been sick again. Nothing too dramatic, just a sinus cold. But that’s why I’ve been kinda off-line lately.

Last week, my mom, my aunt and I went down to Bellingham, WA for a short one night trip. We went to hang out, shop, eat and talk (and talk and talk). The three of us get along really well, and since I live alone, it’s a real treat to see my mother and my aunt for that length of time. I also finished my Christmas shopping in that trip, since I had started it in August. *shot* There’s only one thing I have yet to buy~ and that is a present for the family dog. Since it’s food, I figure it’d be best if I get it closer to Christmas!

Hmm..Let’s see..I haven’t really been up to much due to being sick, but I did read some manga online, as well as getting some from the library (via their booktruck). I’m not up to remembering which books (lazy right now), but I did enjoy them.

Finishing the pokedex for Black and White has been taking up some time as well. I just need to catch four more pokemon and/or evolve in order to finish the pokedex. Oh that reminds me, I have to go back to the Dreamyard to poke around the basement to catch the evolved form of Munna… Musharna. I’ll do that tomorrow.

I’ve also been playing through Professor Layton: The Last Specter. I’m really enjoying it. The puzzles are really good this time around. I think I’ll get the next Professor Layton game (the one for the 3DS) when it comes out. Also I want to get a copy of the movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva…I’ve got to order that one from Amazon, but I’ve been too lazy to actually do it. >_>;

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, I’ve been spending some time on the DREAM chat, getting to know the other DREAMers. That’s been fun, but I haven’t visited for awhile due to being sick..I tend to go underground when I’m sick. >_>;

Speaking of being sick, I’ve been struggling with a constant headache since early September, and I’ve tried all kinds of stuff. It’s just there, constant pain, although it will flare up to a massive migraine every once inawhile. With the sinus cold I’ve got right now, it’s really painful and totally annoying. It gets to the point I can’t tolerate bright light (the computer screen – I’ve got it at the lowest level of brightness right now) for too long or it really hurts. So extremely annoying. It also hurts when I have to cook or something because of the light in the fridge, the light above the cookstove (wears sunglasses indoors) yeah, not a happy kitty with this pain.

I’m hoping to see my doctor (again) tomorrow to discuss the cold, the headache and get a referral to my eye doctor (I wear glasses, and I have to see my eye doctor once a year to make sure I’m not losing more sight..which is a nightmare of mine, being Deaf and all.. ._. ). *sighs*

Books! I’ve been reading the Inheritance series again from the beginning, since I’d forgotten most of the story, and it’s a good one. It’s by Christopher Paolini. I’d recommend you read it if you haven’t already~ a really good read.

That’s all I can think of right now…

Cookie for Selena-chan!

17 Nov

Since I’m on holidays this week, I decided to do a craft~ since it’s been awhile since I last sewed SOMETHING! XD And my friend, Selena-chan wanted this: and since I’ve been owing her a gift for like forever, I decided to try making one~

Last week, I went out to Metrotown (this huge-ass mall that’s about a hour away by transit from my home~ it’s basically two malls in one), to go to the anime shop there, as well as begin on Christmas shopping..while I was there, I decided I might as well buy the felt (I had only the black) at the Dollar store. Now, Metrotown has TWO Dollar stores on the premises..and guess what? Neither carried felt. So extremely annoying. So that day I ended up going back home to my (smaller) mall, Park Royal (which is like 15 minutes walk from my place!), which has just one Dollar store, and they did have the felt I wanted.. *strangles the Dollar Store owners at Metrotown* lol

Anyway: With that completed, I collected all the supplies I needed:


They are: 5 colours of felt, four colours of thread, scissors, needles, needle threader (I can’t even see the eye of the needle anymore! D: ), coins and 2 plates to use to measure out the circles needed,  basting ‘glue’ (I don’t bother basting with thread anymore..basting with the ‘glue’ is easier) and a chalk pencil to trace out the circles to be cut out of the fabric.

This took me most of the day today. (Started at 11AM and finished at 3:ish PM!).. and the result is as those in the following photos:

The front of the cookie! 😀

(I’m not too keen about one of the blush circles…it’s a little too far over…oh well.)

Back of the cookie! 😀

It was fun to do~ and fairly easy as well…I looked around KawaiiChiOO’s YouTube uploads, and I saw a few other projects I’d like to try my hand at sometime~ We’ll see. XD

Now I’m gonna go proofread some stuff for a friend~ So then I’ll just leave you with this image from my lovely friend, Selena-chan:

Gift I recieved from Selena-chan! *v*

Kitty is…

20 Oct

…sick again. I’ve got a bad cold/’s a sinus cold, so I’m not a happy kitty. I’m basically living off cold tea, Halls cough candy and my mom’s chicken soup.

I’m now at my mom’s place…this kitty needs her mom when she’s sick (it’s no fun being sick when you live alone!). What does this mean for you guys?

Not a whole lot~ just that I won’t be online as much~ perhaps not much on dA, SJ, chatchan & pchan. I’ll have my blackberry with me, so I can and will respond to twitters….

...that's me at the moment!

*crawls into bed* See you later everyone~

Wow…Salvation Army Thrift store is awesome..

16 Oct

Today, I had to go to work at a branch that was new to me (and to everyone else too, since it recently opened!)..I left early since I’d heard that there might be a protest downtown (the whole wall street mess) that might impede transit. Anyway, I was so early, I decided to explore the neighbourhood a bit, and I found a Salvation Army Thrift store…and man, was it ever awesome! *v*

This is the reason why:

Vampaia Miyu Figurines~

There was a whole collection of figurines..I’m betting the mother of some okatu cleaned out his/her room~ and gave them to the Salvation Army~ poor Okatu if that’s so~  anyway, I picked out two figurines from Vampaia Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu), Miyu Yamano and Chisato Inoue. If you haven’t seen the anime, I recommend it~ it’s well worth a look~ xD

I’m thinking of maybe going back there on Wednesday (my next day off) to see if I can get some of the others as I didn’t have much money on me today to get more than two.

Here are some close up pics of the two figurines~

Chisato Inoue from Vanpaia Miyu~

Miyu Yamano from Vampaia Miyu~

Too awesome, eh? *purrs happilly*

Now to go back to my do-to-list…cleaning my kitchen and working on the DREAM Manga Group Facebook Page. See you around if Ki does not kill me….

Up WAY too late last night…whatwasIthinking?!

4 Oct

I was up way TOO late last night~ I got caught up in playing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box..I managed to find ALL of the puzzles, serve 26 people tea, slim down the hamster (Ki), and in doing so, I unlocked the bonus puzzles…and solved them all…all that’s left now is the bonus puzzles that you obtain online via Nintendo download. *I am a crazy kitty*

Because of this activity, I was up until 2AM. That’s right, TWO AM IN THE MORNING. And I work later today~ *shot by boss*…I’ve contacted a bunch of my work friends to see if anyone can cover for seriously NOT up to dealing with the stupid public today. I’m hoping someone will step up (I’ll cover a shift of theirs at a later, unspecified date). *fingers crossed*

Professor Layton wasn’t the only thing keeping me up last night~ I had to deal with a upgrade on my virus detecting just wouldn’t upgrade! OTL I managed to get that done, though.. YAY!

While waiting for the security upgrade, I couldn’t get on the internet, so I was bored…and since the upgrade allowed me to play with my comp a little bit~ I switched my background pic from this:

Previous background image~

to this:

my current desktop background~ with icons!

That’s an Arina Tanemura image from one of her older works: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne~ I got back into reading Arina Tanemura again, thanks to a recent Chatchan conversation about AT and her mangas..I have all of the tankobons, plus several artbooks.. *shot*

I’ve also been watching a lot of My Little Pony lately, thanks to chats with online friends as well with IRL friends about MLP.. I got into it seriously recently, since I’ve been sick, so I dug out all the old VHS cartoon tapes I had~ and several of them were MLP. I’m thinking of maybe looking around to see if I can get some used DVDs of MLP~ I’ll see though..

Work’s coming up…Gotta get ready to go if someone doesn’t step up to take over for this stupid cat… later.