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The end of the Dream Manga Office’s Christmas 2011 Story!

7 Feb

Selena-chan finished the story last week, so I’m now uploading the last half of the script. Enjoy!

Dream Manga Office Christmas Part II

The other three then turn towards Sol, and Maika smiles sweetly, “Are you going to fight us, Sol or be a good guy and dress in this?” and holds out a parcel of clothing.

With a sinking heart, Sol realises that Ki is now dressed as a red-faced, annoyed looking Santa, and with a quick look at the parcel of clothing Maika is holding out to him, guesses it is a green elf suit. Shaking his head, Sol backs away into the deserted boardroom, “I don’t want to wear that! You lot are really mean to make us wear those outfits!”

Oonie raises an eyebrow as she also smiles sweetly at Sol, following him into the boardroom with Catz, “We would like you to wear that outfit. You can’t say no, since it’s a perfect size for you.” Maika and Selena stay in the main office to keep an eye on a fuming, speechless Ki.

As Oonie approaches Sol with the outfit in her hands, she and Sol then look up, for they hear the office door open, and flinches as they hear sudden laughter from the newcomers. “There. That should be some of the Dreamers here for the party,” Oonie exclaimed, “Do you really want them to watch us wrestle you into this outfit?”

“Catz, help me with Sol, would you?” Oonie asked, “Some of the guests are here now.” Catz nods and advances along with Oonie towards Sol, each wearing a determined look. Just as they reach Sol, the boardroom door slams open and a shadowy figure bounces into the room.

“Maika said you guys might need some help in here,” the newcomer announced. Sol’s face grows even paler when he identifies the speaker.

Oonie smiles and nods, “Yeah, Kai, we do need some help here. Sol’s resisting us, and I don’t think we have much time before the rest come for the party.”

With a despairing moan, Sol knew he had lost, for with the addition of Kai’s strength to Catz’s, he would not be able to withstand their united efforts to force him into the elf suit. Desperately, he tried a last-ditch plea, “You’re my friends, and friends wouldn’t do this would they?”

Oonie responded gently, “We are indeed your friends, but we also have other friends out there who are expecting entertainment, and remember, this is a Christmas party. So far, you and Ki haven’t contributed much towards the entertainment at our past parties. It’s time to pay the piper, you know.” While Oonie was speaking, the determined pair of Catz and Kai began to strip and stuff an resisting Sol into the green elf suit.

Finally finished, Catz bundled up the small pile of Sol’s clothes and went out to hand them to Selena, for Selena would then hide them with Ki’s clothes. The remaining women look at Sol with looks of amused satisfaction, for Sol did look cute as a elf with his boyish features and slight height. As they smiled at a sullen Sol, Maika’s voice called from the main office, “Is he ready, guys? People are starting to arrive now.”

Kai and Oonie replied in the affirmative, and bustled Sol out of the room, making sure he couldn’t slip past them to hide in the boardroom. The appearance of the sullen elf is greeted by laughter, catcalls and wisecracks by the others present. The only person who did not join in was Ki, who slid over beside Sol, whispering, “We’ll deal with them somewhere, somehow. This I promise.”

Just then, Maika’s clear voice cuts through the hubbub, “Attention everyone, welcome to DREAM Manga Office’s Christmas party! Before we begin the party itself, we have planned a photoshoot. Those who want to have their picture taken with Santa Ki and Elf Sol, please do join us outside,” waving a hand towards the snow-covered patio beyond the boardroom, “Muffin, do you have the camera?”

At this question, a girl with a muffin jauntily perched on her head, looks up from her quiet conversation with Selena, “Yes, Maika, I have it and it’s all charged and ready to use.”

As groups of people pose with the glum pair, Catz absently batting away one of Vervain’s sparkles from her face, “Hey Muffin? May I look at the pictures you’ve taken so far?” With a smile, Muffin nods and moves beside Catz, holding the camera between the two of them.

As the noise of the party swirled around the oblivious pair, they look at the various pictures that Muffin had taken. Suddenly, Catz gasped, nudges Muffin, “Look at all of these.. Vervain’s in them! He seems to have managed to shimmer his way into all of the photos.” With a frown, Muffin confirms, quickly clicking through the photos then looks at Catz.

Shaking her head, Muffin sighs, “Vervain certainly has a gift for being in the right place at the right time.” Her voice squeaking a little higher, “How did he manage to do that, anyway? I didn’t even notice him being in the area when I was taking the photos.”

A wry voice sounded from behind Muffin, “Oh that’s our Vervain for you. How are you doing, Catz, Muffin?”

Catz giggling at Muffin’s expression responds, “Hi Aqua, good to see you here. Yeah, that’s our Vervain alright.” Muffin’s response was to sigh and shake her head ruefully, and waving to both of them, moves off with the camera to take more pictures of the party.

As Muffin left, Aqua tugs on Catz’s sleeve, “I was actually looking for you, since Hy wants to talk to you.”

Just as Catz turns to go with Aqua to join Hy, Maika’s clear voice once more cuts through the party chatter, “Hey everyone, now that we’ve finished the photoshoot and have eaten from the lovely buffet, I’d like you to pay attention to Santa Ki and Elf Sol. We have asked them to distribute for us the Secret Santa gifts the participating Dreamers have done. Selena, would you please give them the gifts?” Looking aside at a suddenly horrified pair, “Go ahead you two.”

(Secret Santa drawings, etc)

As the satisfied partygoers mill around, talking, Maika smiles at Catz, Oonie and Selena, “We did it! Now to shoo everyone home and go home ourselves. It’s been a long day.”

With sighs and returning Maika’s smile with their own smiles and nods, the others disperse to clear the office of all the partygoers. After shooing the last of the partygoers out of the office, Selena locks the door, smiles at Ki and Sol, “I’ll be right back with your clothes.”

Maika looks at Sol and Ki, “Thanks you two, I think everyone had a good time. Be careful with taking those outfits off, they belong to Muffin, okay? Hey girls? I think we can leave everything as it is until tomorrow, can’t we? We can clean up then.” The other women nod and hug each other, as they prepare to leave.

Left in the deserted, disordered office, Ki looks at Sol, “We have to do something to those four for sure, right Sol?” With a grim look, Sol nods back at Ki. Then they prepare to change. Once done, they leave the discarded outfits with a grimace on Maika’s desk chair, and then the DREAM Manga Office is left in darkness as the two depart into the snowy world.

Thus ends the DREAM Manga office Christmas.

Right now, I’m currently writing the DREAM Manga Office Valentine Special… wonder who will be the ‘victims’ this time…? ;D

*runs off to continue working on it*